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EU Gateway | Business Avenues uses a competitive process to select the best candidates for the business missions.


Who can participate

1. Expression of Interest

An Expression of Interest for a specific business mission is submitted by a company.
The Expression of Interest includes basic information to help determine the eligibility of the company.


2. Eligibility Check

The Expression of Interest is reviewed by the Programme.
If a company is considered eligible, it is invited to apply for the business mission.


3. Application

A full and complete application is submitted by the indicated deadline in order for the company to be considered for participation in the business mission.


4. Assessment of Applications

The applications are assessed by independent experts using established criteria.
Assessments take into account the company’s business strategy, capacity and viability as well as market potential of its products.


5. Selection

Up to 50 companies demonstrating the highest potential for establishing new business collaboration are selected.
Companies that are not selected receive notification of the decision including the reason for not having been selected. 


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