Wastewater and water treatment solutions among top priorities in Singapore and Vietnam

Wastewater and water treatment solutions among top priorities in Singapore and Vietnam

One of the 2020 EU Gateway | Business Avenues missions to South East Asia focuses on Environment & Water Technologies.  

Singapore will be the first destination. The country is resource scarce, and relies on imported water to meet the needs of a growing demand. The government seeks new ways to diversify sources and keep sustainable supplies as priority. European companies with expertise in – among other promising subsectors – membrane technology for desalinated water, sludge and brine management, decentralised water treatment technologies, will find interesting business opportunities.  

Participants will then travel to Vietnam, where water and waste are high priority areas for the government. The industrial water and waste treatment industry is forecasted to reach €208 million by 2022. The government is increasingly looking to the private sector and public-private partnerships for innovative and sustainable solutions.

Among rising concerns are surface water scarcity, groundwater depletion and water pollution, increasing the demand for technologies related to membrane filtration, energy efficiency, ammonium and arsenic removal.

With frequent natural disasters such as flooding, tropical storms and landslides in Vietnam, innovative flood management solutions are valued. 

European companies can apply to this mission [1] until 13 March.

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