Japan’s commitment to renewable energy creates new possibilities for European companies

Japan’s commitment to renewable energy creates new possibilities for European companies


With a strategy to reduce greenhouse emissions by 26% and to raise the share of renewables to 24% of its energy needs by 2030, Japan is making efforts to introduce and consolidate renewable energy systems and equipment.

The Japanese government offers financial incentives worth over €1 billion yearly to companies that offer cost-effective, highly efficient solutions related to power generation facilities and equipment, Zero Energy Building technologies, Zero Energy House technologies and clean energy utilisation technologies.

For European companies, the idea of developing on the Japanese market may seem daunting, especially given the high legal standards linked to environment and safety procedures. The different business customs and the language may also be potential impediments when attempting to collaborate with local entities.

Still, the business opportunities available for European companies in the field aren’t inconsequential.

The solar, wind, biomass, geothermal and other clean energy sub-sectors is where new solutions and equipment are needed.

If your company provides manufacturing, operations & maintenance solutions for renewables, this may be your opportunity to break into the Japanese market.

Kick off your business expansion goals by attending the 2019 EU Gateway | Business Avenues mission for Green Energy Technologies [1] in Osaka.

Collaborations with domestic companies and new clients are a business mission week away.

The mission will take place from 24 to 27 September 2019 and is part of World Smart Energy Week Osaka, an event that brings together top industry leaders from around the world.

It is a chance for participant companies to meet key contacts from electric & gas companies, government and municipality officials, local developers, contractors, manufacturers and operation managers.

More details about the EU-funded mission and the logistical support given to participants can be found at this link [2].

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