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Japan’s focus on renewables creates a positive outlook for European companies

To meet greenhouse gas emission reduction targets (-26% by 2030 and -80% by 2050), Japan offers annual subsidies of over €1 billion for companies providing Zero Energy Building (ZEB) and Zero Energy House (ZEH) solutions. ZEB technologies consist of cost-efficient and energy saving equipment, while ZEH technologies include Home Energy Management Systems, smart meters, and home solar power systems.

Wind, biomass, and geothermal power technologies are in demand, therefore laying the groundwork for European companies' expansion objectives.

Top business opportunities for European companies in the Green Energy Technologies sector include:

  • Offering cost-reduction technologies and products related to self-sustaining power generation facilities
  • Partnerships with Japanese companies for ZEB technologies
  • Collaboration with local companies on ZEH technologies
  • High efficiency lighting
  • Renovation of aging thermal power plants

Furthermore, the recent EU-Japan Economic Partnership Agreement has removed most of the tariffs and simplified import requirements, thus creating the largest open trade zone in the world. Among the other drivers making Japan a profitable market for green energy, the residential power market is opening, which will drive demand for renewables, and the current feed in tariff system is under review, possibly shifting to a bidding system that will promote market competition.

To support European companies scoping the market for business opportunities, the
EU Gateway | Business Avenues programme is organising a mission to Japan from 24-27 September 2019. The application deadline is 24 May 2019 and participation is open to 40 European companies. Selected participants will exhibit at World Smart Energy Week Osaka and benefit from coaching, EU-support and pre-arranged meetings with local companies.

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