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Imports of organic European products on the rise in Korea

Imports of organic European products on the rise in Korea

The consumption of organic products in Korea is on a continuous rise.

The reasons for this growth are changes in living standards, increased buying power, but above all, health concerns.

Consumers are more than ever interested in the products they ingest and their ingredients.

It is a consequence of the fact that the population is health conscious and therefore interested in consuming more and more organic products. Adult consumers are even more alert when it comes to their children's diets.

South Korea is the 16th largest market in the world by value on the organic packaged food and beverages segment and the second organic food market in Asia after Japan.

With an annual growth of 18.73% by 2020, there is no doubt that the organic market in South Korea is and will continue to develop steadfastly in the next few years.

Since 75% of the ingredients used for organic food processing are imported, business opportunities for European businesses in this domain are innumerable.

Therefore, in order to facilitate potential partnerships between South Korean and European businesses, EU Gateway | Business Avenues will organize a new business mission in South Korea in 2019.

This Organic Food & Beverage business mission will take place in Seoul, South Korea’s capital, from 18 to 22 November 2019.

Are you ready to expand your business and showcase your organic products on the Korean market?

If your company is chosen to participate, the EU Gateway | Business Avenues programme will supplement your company logistically and financially, in your endeavour to expand on the Korean market.

The adequate tools, such as market studies and expert inputs, will be provided to you to broaden your understanding of the Korean Organic Food & Beverage market.

You will also be supported to find local business partners and schedule individual meetings with targeted Korean companies.

The programme ensures the participant companies are highly visible on the local scene through a comprehensive promotional campaign run in Korea.

Furthermore, you will also have two days of built-up booth exhibitions before Food Week Korea, one of the biggest food business exhibitions in the country.


Check this link for more details.

If you want to be a part of this mission, apply before 14 June 2019.

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