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EU Capitalises on Business Matching to Support the Advance of Renewable Energy-related Companies into the Japanese Market

Pablo Iglesias Rumbo

The Delegation of the European Union (EU) to Japan will participate in Kansai Smart Energy Week 2017 to be held from September 20 in Osaka and will set up meeting opportunities with the purpose of business matching between 38 EU companies and Japanese companies that are engaged in green energy-related businesses. The Delegation of the EU has implemented the EU Green Gateway to Japan, a four-year program since this year, to strengthen the relationship between EU and Japanese companies. This participation is part of that program.

The EU Green Gateway to Japan has been deployed in five market sectors, namely, energy, healthcare & medical devices, environment & water, railway technologies & services, and architecture & construction.  Of these, the meetings in Osaka will be participated in by 38 EU companies that offer unique products and services in the energy sector. “When we invited potential participants, there were applications from about 100 companies.  Based on preliminary market research, we narrowed this down to 38 companies that are very likely to enter the Japanese market,” says Mr. Pablo Iglesias Rumbo, Attaché, Trade Section, the Delegation of the EU to Japan.

The breakdown of the 38 companies is as follows: eight companies that are active in energy management and IT, such as supply and demand management of smart grids, seven companies involved in solar energy, wind power and energy storage, 13 companies engaged in biomass, biogas, and co-generation (combined heat and power), five companies working on hydropower generation and five companies focusing on waste disposal. (List of participating companies)

The participating companies are mostly small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) with 50 or fewer employees; for example, Spain’s Onyx Solar Energy, which develops and sells photovoltaic power generation glass, Germany’s BEKON, which provides small fermentation plants that convert organic waste into electricity and heat and France’s INNOSEA, which offers engineering services using ocean current energy. “The renewable energies in Japan, such as solar energy, wind power, geothermal energy and biomass, are diverse and are suited to clean energy-related businesses.” (Mr. Rumbo). In response to the results of the meetings, the EU Delegation will also provide facilitation (coordination to form consensus) to EU companies that plan to enter the Japanese market to support the development of partnerships with Japanese companies.

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