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Construction & Building Technologies






For EU Gateway | Business Avenues, the Construction & Building Technologies sector covers technologies and materials related to the engineering, the design, the construction, the demolition and demolition waste services, the fitting, the arrangement, the finishing of public and private buildings as well as its renovation or deconstruction/ demolition and infrastructure works (roads, airports, ports, etc.). Recent trends underline the concept of Circular Economy – low carbon materials, greater durability or reusability/ recycling and resource efficiency.
Relevant sub-sectors include:

  • Smart Grids that include Automation and Robotisation components and technologies, Sensor Networks and Maintenance systems;
  • Smart and Green Buildings including Performance Systems and Services, Smart Meters, Building Information Modelling and Sensor Technologies, Energy solutions and efficiency, Water and Materials efficiency components, Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing systems, Construction Monitoring and Quality Control Systems, Prevention Technologies and Disaster Response Technologies as well as Sustainable Renovation and Deconstruction Technologies and Services;
  • Machinery Sector including components, equipment and technologies relating to: Engines and Turbines; Pumps and compressors; Valves, Gears and Bearings and HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning); Material lifting systems;
  • Building Materials and Building Installation including Raw Materials (Stone, Wood, Tile, Marble, etc.), Finished Materials (flooring, Windows, etc.), Low-Carbon Materials, Smart/Biomimetic Materials, and Shoring, Scaffolding, Underpinning, Joining technology, Facade Support Systems, and Reinforcement Technology.
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