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Past Editions

EU Gateway programme

EU Gateway was created in 1990 to deepen economic interaction and cooperation between Europe and Japan. After more than 20 years of market presence, EU Gateway became the leading business platform establishing successful partnerships between European and Asian firms. Its portfolio counts 112 business missions to Japan and Korea, 3870 participating European companies from 20 diverse business sectors.

In 2014, the EU Business Avenues in Southeast Asia pilot programme was launched. It replicated the organisation of business missions to Singapore, Malaysia and Vietnam.

120 European companies participated in 3 Business Missions to Southeast Asia.

Key facts from the last EU Gateway edition (2008-2014):

•    1,500 companies participated in 46 Business Missions to Japan and Korea
•    22,000 individual meetings had been organised
•    64% of companies established business collaborations which translated into revenue growth
•    86% of the participating EU companies were highly satisfied with EU Gateway
•    83% of participants found the business mission highly useful to increase their market understanding 
•    Most participants are micro (30%), small (35%) and medium-sized (25%) companies. 

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